This Special Thing your Organization stands for;
its Uniqueness and Identity.

Corporate DNA

Corporate DNA is the thread woven throughout all actions and decisions in your organization. It normally remains stable, while the business strategy, systems and processes constantly adapt to an ever changing business environment. It is more than mere words on a piece of paper; it inspires the way individuals in your organization think, behave and act. It determines the motives behind their actions.

We work with our clients to distinctively and explicitly formulate and align the components of their Corporate DNA and put them effectively into practise. Typically, the Corporate DNA consists of six components:

  • Vision – where and what the organization wants to be in the future.
  • Mission – the organization’s fundamental reason for being. In other words what the organization must do to achieve the vision.
  • Value Discipline – the choice of one out of three value disciplines (Operational Excellence, Product Leadership or Customer Intimacy) which the organization aims to be best at – preferably in the world. This choice provides fundamental guidance on what the entire organization must focus on consistently and vigorously, whilst making sure it keeps on delivering the ‘Olympic Minimum’ in the other two disciplines.
  • Values – shape the ‘soft’ way to deliver mission and vision, particularly for business leaders. They must be in line with the Value Discipline chosen. Values are the operating philosophies or principles that guide the organization’s internal conduct and its relationship with the outside world.
  • Behaviours – are guided by the values and create consistency of leadership and management practices. Behaviours are the basis for what defines organizational culture. What your people, your clients, and all other stakeholders see and experience in their day-to-day interaction is clearly what matters.
  • Transformational Leadership – an effective leadership style that helps putting Corporate DNA into practice by
    • Inspiring a shared vision
    • Enabling others to act
    • Challenging the status quo
    • Encouraging the heart
    • Modelling the way

The Effective High-Performance Organization =
(Corporate DNA + Strategy + Agility) x Risk Management
x People & Culture


Any Challenges?

If your response to more than 2 of the following statements is “NO”, your organization will probably face some challenges related to Corporate DNA:

  • Your business leaders are all aligned to a joint long term view of your organization.
  • This long term view of your organization is well known to the majority of your staff.
  • More than 25% of the people in your organization are able to consistently describe what your organization must do to achieve its vision in no more than 3 sentences.
  • Your organization has a clear understanding of its major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Your organization’s values reflect what really happens in day-today interaction between your people in the work place, with your clients and all other stakeholders.
  • HR policies in hiring and retention put Corporate DNA compliance above job experience.
  • Motivation is not an issue; there is only little effort required to be put in programs supporting it in your organization.
  • There is consistency of leadership and management practises across your organization.
  • Levels of rules and bureaucracy in your organization are continuously decreasing.
  • There is huge interest in the creation and pursuit of new ideas and innovation in your organization.

Our Approach

The DEES-Cycle

Rather than trying to deal with symptoms, we first take time to understand your challenges by discovering the underlying root causes. Next we define clear objectives and deliverables, and design a feasible, realistic roadmap to deliver sustained results.

We then help with getting all relevant individuals on board, converting ‘people concerned’ into ‘people engaged’ – crucially in an interactive approach.

To enable your organization to take full ownership of delivering the agreed objectives, we work closely with your people, from the senior leadership team to individual employees. We help build the capabilities required for sustained change; we guide, challenge, train, coach, share our experience and transfer pragmatic, proven tools, methodologies and techniques into your organization.

Before our work ends, we evaluate the results and identify further potential for improvement. The next cycle begins – led, driven and implemented by your own organization. New ways of working and capabilities will have been embedded to sustain results and to continuously make a difference.

The DEES-Cycle

The DEES-Cycle

Your Benefits

A distinctively and explicitly formulated Corporate DNA is the foundation for the effectiveness of your organization. 

Major benefits of putting your Corporate DNA effectively into practice include:

  • Clear guidance for all strategic objectives and decisions.
  • Profound impact on the performance of your organization; internally, because this drives e.g.  employee’s interaction and thereby their ways of working and externally, because this drives e.g. customer interaction and thereby customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • A key enabler of Continuous Improvement.
  • Higher levels of creativity, energy, enthusiasm, passion, motivation and moral throughout your organization.