Everyone in the Organization does the right Things;
and does these Things right.

What we stand for

Our aim is to ensure that the capabilities built and results achieved in your organization when working with us remain in place after the agreed objectives and outcomes of our joint engagement are accomplished, and we leave. We do this by working closely with your people, from the senior leadership team to individual employees sharing our experience, giving guidance and building skills. We transfer pragmatic, proven tools, methodologies and techniques into your organization and work with you rather than for you. We focus on facilitating change by an appropriate combination of consulting, training and events.

Our consulting model focuses on five major performance drivers of organizational effectiveness:

  • Corporate DNA: This special Thing your Organization stands for; its Uniqueness and Identity.
  • Strategy: Turning brilliant Strategic Thinking into brilliant Results.
  • Agility: Enabling your Organization to respond rapidly to Changes in the Business Environment.
  • Risk Management: Minimizing the Impact of the Threats that could stop your Organization from achieving its Objectives.
  • People & Culture: Organizations don’t transform by themselves. People do. - The Essence of any Effective Organization.

We can help to improve individual performance drivers for incremental benefit, but the big impact comes from addressing and aligning all five.

The Effective High-Performance Organization =
(Corporate DNA + Strategy + Agility) x Risk Management
x People & Culture


The effective high-performance-organization

Status Quo:


Business Diagnostic

  • Business Review
  • Culture Survey
  • Business Case

Corporate DNA

  • Review and development of Vision, Mission, Value Discipline, Values and Behaviours
  • Introduction of Transformational Leadership


  • Strategy Development
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Strategy Implementation & Review


  • Business Model review or innovation
  • Organizational review and design
  • Implementation, standardization, centralization or optimization of Management and Control systems
  • Implementation, standardization, centralization or optimization of IT systems
  • (Lean) Supply Chain Optimization
  • Standardization, centralization or optimization of processes
  • Introduction of Continuous Improvement
  • Introduction of Lean Management & Six Sigma

Risk Management

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management

People & Culture

  • Behavioural Change
  • Creation of a High-Performance Culture


Standard Training, e.g.:

  • Change Management
  • Lean Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Program and Project Management
  • Risk Management

Individual Training, e.g.:

  • Leadership training
  • Employee training
  • Development and training of Multipliers, Facilitators and Change-Agents


Design and facilitation of innovative, interactive conferences, summits, forums, seminars, workshops and events. These include e.g.:

  • Leadership Conferences
  • Leadership Summits
  • Executive Meetings
  • Leadership Forums
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Leadership Events
  • (Global) Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR, Supply Chain etc. Conferences and Congresses
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Risk Management Workshops
  • Change Management Workshops
  • Kick-Off/Launch Events
  • Large Group Events with up to several hundreds of participants

If you need any help or support to design, prepare or facilitate an event by short notice: Contact Us here!